Welcome to the Dota Underlords Proto Pass
All beta testers will be granted a free Proto Pass. With this prototype battle pass; players will unlock unique banners, emotes, and even a new board type by playing games of Underlords and completing a mix of daily and weekly challenges.

Like many aspects of the beta, the Proto Pass is a learning experience for the Underlords team – so please keep the feedback coming so that we can adjust plans for our Season 1 Battle Pass accordingly.
Play Games, Earn XP
Every multiplayer or hardcore bot game of Underlords is an opportunity to earn Proto Pass XP. Complete daily quests to level up even faster.
Unlock Rewards
Each level of the Proto Pass comes with a new reward, and with it a new opportunity to show your opponent how far you’ve progressed.
Path To Sunbreeze
Reaching level 5 will unlock the Path to Sunbreeze, a lush and vibrant board perfect for those who want to stab their enemies in broad daylight.
Win Streak Effects
Give your enemies another reason to fear you.
Respawn Effects
Make an entrance with flair.
Fly the flag of your Underlord proudly.
Firework Effects
Celebrate every victory with style.
Not only is your banner upgradable, so is the standard base from which it will fly.
Yo! You can now say other things.
Portrait Rings
Be more than just a silhouette.